A Ransomware Recovery Success Story

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Our undisclosed retail and restaurant partner, a dynamic player in the Myrtle Beach area with multiple locations, recently faced a challenging ransomware incident. Focused on delivering top-notch products and services to their customers, the company turned to Acuuis for a swift recovery. As they emerge stronger from the cyber attack, our partner showcases the success that strategic collaborations with industry leaders, like Acuuis, can bring to businesses navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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The Challenge

In the fast-paced world of technology, no company is immune to the looming threat of cyberattacks. 

Recently, Acuuis faced a unique and formidable challenge when a customer, we are keeping anonymous, fell victim to a ransomware attack. 


The client’s critical databases were compromised, and to make matters worse, they had no backups of essential data. In the face of impending data loss and operational paralysis, the client turned to Acuuis for a lifeline.

What did Acuuis do

Acuuis sprang into action immediately, realizing the urgency of the situation. Our expert team devised a comprehensive plan for disaster recovery, leveraging our extensive experience in handling such crises. The key steps we took include:

a. Rapid Assessment

We initiated a thorough assessment of the client’s systems to understand the extent of the ransomware impact and identity the critical databases at risk. 

b. Historical Paper Data Retrieval

Recognizing the absence of digital backups, we delved into historical paper records and documentation to reconstruct essential data elements crucial for the client’s operations. We developed tools to automate the entry of the physical data into the systems.

c. Old Backup Data Restoration

Employing our advanced recovery tools, we managed to help retrieve old backup data that had been overlooked or forgotten. This step proved to be a crucial element in our strategy. 

d. Merging Data from Off-Site Computers

To ensure a comprehensive recovery, we merged the retrieved data from historical records and old backups with the existing, unaffected data from off-site client computers.

e. Server Restoration

With the amalgamation of data sources, our team executed a meticulous restoration process, bringing the client’s server back to operational status and restoring all company functions. 

f. Ransomware Removal and Computer Cleaning

As a final step, Acuuis ensured the complete eradication of the ransomware threat by scrubbing all computers across the client’s network. This proactive measure was crucial in preventing any potential resurgence of the malware.

g. Managed Client Onboarding

Recognizing the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures, the client opted to become a managed client of Acuuis. This step allowed us to work collaboratively, implementing continuous monitoring, updates, and security protocols to fortify their digital infrastructure.





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